Food Drive


It is during moments of crisis and despair that as a community of faith, we
come together to show kindness, care and solidarity. During this period of school and work closures, more families than ever before are in need of the King Food Bank’s services.

The King Food Bank ensures that 94% of donations go to the kitchen tables of over 200 people in King. Unfortunately, the number of families requiring support are consistently increasing. Changes in the economy could even double demand in the coming weeks, but they will not be turning anyone away, thanks to the generous community that is King (and beyond).

As a response to this critical situation, school communities across the York Catholic District School Board are coming together to support our neighbours in need. Collection bins will be placed at the front doors of neighbouring schools and monitored by school cameras for safety purposes.

Families are encouraged to take a walk to their closest school and place a bag of food and/or personal hygiene items in the Food Bank Bins.

When : May 20, 2020 Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Neighbouring School Food Drive : St. Mary’s CES,
St. Patrick Schomberg CES, Holy Name CES
(Bins will be placed outside the front doors of each school.)

Please ensure that you maintain social distancing at all times to ensure your personal well being.

Kindly note that all bins will be held in a 5-day quarantine by the King Food Bank prior to being handled by their volunteers.

Items Requested: Please donate recently purchased food. Here is a list of foods needed:

  • ·  Baked Beans (no pork) 398 ml
  • ·  Tinned Tuna (regular tins, not flavoured)
  • ·  Tinned Fruit 398 ml or mandarin oranges
  • ·  Habitant Soup any variety
  • ·  Condensed Soups, Campbells preferred
  • ·  Coffee Instant or Ground
  • ·  Juice – 1 lt tetra pak or tins (apple juice preferred)
  • ·  KD Mac & Cheese (only Kraft Dinner please)
  • ·  Pasta sauce…tins only
  • ·  Tinned tomatoes
  • ·  Jello any flavour, gelatin or pudding mix
  • ·  Dehydrated soups, Lipton or Knorr’s preferred
  • ·  Meal starters: Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-roni, Side-KicksAs always, please NO glass containers for safety’s sake.Thank you all for your continued support and generosity as we are all truly in this together!